Tesla Model Y 2022-2024 Camping Mattress - Automatic Inflatable

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Self Inflating Mattress

  • Custom Design: Foldable Car Mattress fits for Tesla Model Y 2022-Current and Model X. Brings You A Home-like Rest. 5cm thickness provides just the right amount of support whether you're a side, back, or stomach sleeper.
  • Twin Size Camping Mattress: Two-person camping mattress. Suitable for self-driving tour and car camping. Easy to set up and store, saving space. And provide bedspreads
  • Quality Material: Made of certified memory foam and soft short plush. Durable and Easy to use. Open the valve to automatically inflate. Free your hands and finish in 5 minutes. Carrying case provided for storage. Save space.
  • Outdoor Essentials: Great for Camping, Travel, and Adventures. The car mattress is flat, wide, and comfortable. Ideal for rest when outdoor activities.
  • Easy to install & store: Easy to set up and easy to store. Open the valve to automatically inflate. Free your hands and finish in 5 minutes. Carrying case provided for storage. Save space.




Bed Extension Protector

  • [Enhanced functionality]: The X-CAR head guard mattress extension for the Tesla Model Y 2022-Current, expands the capabilities of the car, allowing users to create a comfortable bed extension. This feature is a must-have for those seeking to maximize the functionality of their vehicle.
  • [Increased comfort]: By utilizing the X-CAR head guard mattress extension, Tesla Model Y owners can enjoy a more comfortable experience during long road trips. The accessory provides a spacious and relaxing sleeping area, allowing users to stretch out and rest comfortably.

  • [Outdoor enthusiasts' delight]: Designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the head guard mattress extension is perfect for camping trips, road trips, and any outdoor adventure. It enables users to create a comfortable and spacious sleeping area within their Tesla Model Y, adding convenience to their outdoor experiences.
  • [Customized sleeping space]: The head guard mattress extension offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience. It allows users to personalize their sleeping area in the Model Y, complete with a cozy mattress and head guard for a restful night's sleep, no matter the location.
  • [Secure and versatile]: With the head guard mattress extension, users can have a secure and stable sleeping area inside their Tesla Model Y. The accessory is versatile and adaptable, catering to various needs, whether it's for relaxation during breaks on a road trip or for overnight stays while exploring new destinations.