Hood Water Grille for Tesla Model Y 2021-24 Front Trunk Protective Cover Essential

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  • [Compatibility] The hood water barrier grilles are compatible with Tesla Model Y 2022-Current. This front trunk water grille is an excellent addition and essential for your Tesla Model Y.
  • [Efficiency and Protection] The Tesla Model Y water grille features advanced water diversion technology, guiding rainwater away from the vehicle to prevent damage. Additionally, the specially designed water channel grille effectively blocks leaves, dust, and other debris from entering the car chassis, ensuring a clean interior and optimal protection for internal components and wiring.
  • [Enhanced Safety] Tesla's protective grille cover features advanced water diversion technology, ensuring effective water diversion on rainy days to minimize the impact of water mist while driving, thereby enhancing driving safety. Additionally, the front trunk engine cabin drainage channel prevents rainwater from seeping into the engine compartment, reducing the risk of cabin damage.
  • [Premium Material] The water guide grille is crafted from high-strength ABS material, offering scratch resistance and durability. Its robust design ensures stability and longevity, capable of withstanding diverse weather conditions.
  • [Easy Installation] This upgraded design fits perfectly with your Tesla Model Y, quickly and securely installed without screws or buckles. Just place it under the front hood for a hassle-free setup.




 Package Includes


  • 2 x Front Hood Water Grille