Headrest Pillow for Tesla Model 3/ Model Y Car Seat Neck Support Cushion

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  • [Perfect Fit]: The X-CAR neck cushion is specifically designed to perfectly fit Tesla vehicles, including models like Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 and Model Y 2021-Current. It attaches securely to the headrest, making it versatile for use in roomy driver and passenger seats, as well as standard back seats.
  • [Ergonomic Design]: With its ergonomic design, the X-CAR neck cushion provides targeted support to the neck and shoulders. By molding to the curves of the neck, it helps reduce tension, stiffness, and pain, while keeping the head in a comfortable and natural position.
  • [Improved Comfort]: Long drives can be made more comfortable with the X-CAR neck cushion. It offers a cushioned surface for resting the head, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall comfort during the journey.
  • [Versatile Use]: The X-CAR neck cushion is not limited to driving alone. It can be used during air travel, as well as for extended periods of sitting in an office or at home. This versatility makes it a useful accessory for various situations where neck support is needed.
  • [Premium Support]: The X-CAR neck cushion is a premium accessory that provides excellent support and comfort. Its high-quality construction and attachment to the headrest make it a reliable choice for enhancing comfort during travel or extended sitting.
  • Note: These products DO NOT fit NEW Model 3 Highland.



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