Foldable Liftable Side Ladder for GWM Tank 500 2024 Protective Frame

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  • Fits For GWM Tank 500 2024-Current.
  • This roof-mounted extendable side ladder designed to facilitate easy access to the vehicle's rooftop. This innovative design allows for convenient climbing up and down the vehicle's exterior from its lateral aspect.
  • The ladder is cleverly integrated into the body of the Tank 500, making it readily deployable when needed.
  • Constructed using high-quality materials Aluminum and ABS, the extendable side ladder ensures durability and stability during usage. 
  • This roof-mounted extendable side ladder offers a modern and well-engineered solution that enhances operational efficiency and accessibility, make your Tank 500 looks sporty and fantasty.
  • The ladder's retractable mechanism is user-friendly, featuring a simple and secure locking system that allows for swift and safe extension and retraction.Max load 120KG. 
  • Note: This ladder has to be installed on our Full Size Roof Rack for Tank 500.




 Package Includes

  • 1x Ladder
  • 1x Bracket
  • 1 pack of Install kits