Aluminium Dash Integrated Bracket Multi-function Mount Holder for GWM Tank 300

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  • All-in-One Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly accommodate two-way radios, walkie-talkies, mobile phones, and action cameras.
  • Easy Access: Keep essential devices within arm's reach for quick access to communication tools, radios, phones, and action cameras while on the move.
  • Versatile Support: Multi-functional design to stabilize different equipment, enhancing the overall functionality of your vehicle.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from high-density aluminum alloy, anodized to prevent rust, corrosion-resistant, and durable.
  • User-Friendly Design: Aluminum alloy arm with 360-degree adjustability, allowing for customization without obstructing air conditioning vents.
  • Neat Interior: Maintain a tidy and organized vehicle interior by securely mounting your devices on this integrated bracket.
  • Easy Installation: Easily install and secure devices such as intercoms, radios, phones, and sports cameras for added convenience.





Package includes:


  • 1x Multi-Function Mount